torsdag 31 juli 2008

Blog candy...

Not from me though... My favorite stamp company have some blog candy this week with a chance to win the most adorable stamps. Well, I´m definitely going to by them anyway, but can´t resist the possibility to get them for free.

torsdag 24 juli 2008

Owls on vacation

The owls wanted to go on vacation and we had to join them. The only sunny day was spent on this boat.
I actually brought two ziploc bags on this journey. One with the journal and the other one with the supplies for these small friends.

torsdag 17 juli 2008

The travel journal (hommage à Ali)

The idea itself is so simple. A simple travel journal in a ziplock bag with a pair of scissors, some glue and a nice pen. And there you are. You can get these memories on paper right there. There is a small note for some easy, guilt-free journaling and some extra space for tickets and other thing worth saving. One page for each day of the journey. I think there even may be enough room for some photos to add later on. Or maybe for some nice postcards in between the pages.

We´ll see...

pages folded
pages unfolded
even more unfolded
everything in place

onsdag 16 juli 2008

Where to put icecream money...

Last year I had a paper wallet during summer. I really liked that one except for the fact that there were no room for coins. This years summer wallet is made of fabric. This simple design makes room for credit cards, bills and - yes - even coins!
I used the same fabric as in my A4bag. Love it!
One more thing I love is my name tags. Available here.

Oh, and this is not my design. Instructions here.

tisdag 15 juli 2008

The reversable A4 bag

Summer is here and so is frequent excursions to the nearby lake. I wanted a bag to put the towel, swimsuit and maybe a book into and this is what I came up with.
I used an A4paper for measuring. This does not mean the bag is A4sized, it is a bit bigger.

In the picture the bag is loaded with a towel, a swimsuit, a book and a 1,5 l bottle. Still plenty of room.

Instructions here. And yes, this my own design.

måndag 14 juli 2008

I don´t know why...

... but this video makes me cry with happiness...

fredag 11 juli 2008

Word art

This is my blog in art... Great page, lots of word art to be made.

Baby booties

Back to papercrafting again... These booties were quite popular last year and I made several of them for friends and collegues. This time I wanted them to look a little more masculine. After a few attempts I altered the design a tiny bit to make them with a bow instead of the button-fixed whatever-its-called.

lördag 5 juli 2008


Bookbinding seems to be an interesting kind of craft. My first attempt is found here. The second one is slightly more complicated, with a lining inside the cover paper. One of this days I will try to make a real book. There are plenty of instructions out there, I just have to find the time somewhere...

torsdag 3 juli 2008

A door decoration

I love the cute pennants out on different blogs around the world. I knew I just have to try to make some. This is just a small one, just the right size for hanging in the doorway. The name is printed using freezer paper technique (without freezer paper *lol*).

onsdag 2 juli 2008

A little bird...

Made from scraps. The bird is now in the kitchen on a wooden branch hanging from the ceiling. Unfortunately I can´t find the webside with the instructions.


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